Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Economic hardships

Many of us are facing economic hardships at this time, that goes without saying. It`s a very embarassing reality. We feel its our fault even though we have gone without many of the convieniences that one would normally have. Job losses and cutbacks, layoffs, ever increasing insurance costs and inflation of costs of everyday needs have forced us to do things we never expected. Old houses constantly present problems that you are`nt ready for. We have gone without airconditioning the last three years, and can barley heat this place in the winter. All the work done here has been with our own labor, and we love the work but the time has come for us to end our relationship with Pecan Place. I have loved living here and have never been concieted about owning a large victorian although it has been my dream for many years. Mostly its about pride in being able to rerstore something to what it should be. My work is my happiness and I try to do every job in the best possible way. My wife has been very good about this and has backed me up in every way she could and for this I am very grateful. Shes a wonderful and talented lady and deserves far better than I can give her. After our latest setbacks we decided to make a final loan from my 401K and try to get this place ready to sell. To anyone interested there will still be plenty of work left. we are only trying to sell it for enough to satisfy our mortgage, so everything I have invested will be lost but we must move on. It`s sad to me because I love it so, and have put so much of my soul into it, but I also look foward to the callenge of our next home. We have found one we like, nothing like this one but a beautiful turn of the century house thats a lot more managable for us. God has been good to us and I have a lot of support from my family and friends, and believe this is for the best. Thanks to everyone who has folowed our Blogs and best wished to you all.
                                                                        Till we meet again, Donnie Mitchell

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  1. I'm sorry to hear this but God is indeed faithful through it all.

    Lauren from

  2. Melinda ke5:21 PM

    I am saddened to hear that you have to sell the beautiful home that you have put so much work and love into. I have enjoyed reading your blog, and I hope someday to own a lovely victorian of my own that I can fix up and blog about.

  3. Thanks Melinda and Lauren! We have been very lucky to find a new owner who cares as much about it as we do. As for us, we`re on to the next big adventure. :)


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