Thursday, February 26, 2009

Jewelry for the Queen

After many hard hours of stripping polishing painting . We are lucky to have the original hardware in good working condition with only cosmetics required.

More wallpaper

Now the fill goes up!

Monday, February 23, 2009

More progress

Now we are finished with the ceiling paper and crown moulding and frieze paper and tonight we hung our antique gas/electric light.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Heres a sample of the Crown moulding , wallpaper and ceiling paper.

More stained glass.

This one was in the stair hall when we moved in and we figure it was originaly in the second parlor. its in a transome over the center window. We think it was moved to the stair hall due to privacy issues, and being as privacy isint an issue with us we have moved it back. after cleaning it up and getting it in place we noticed immeadiatly that the aqua glass border matches the side windows in this room. we are very happy with this move and feel it adds much to the room. Also the windoe we moved back to the hallway matches the smaller one on the stair landing.

Lookie what we found!

Ok, you hear that a lot from us as we are always hunting things appropreate for the house but this one is a beauty. Its an original gas electric fixture I found on Ebay. So many of these go for big money but for some reason this one didnt and its now headed for the second (ladies) parlor. We are getting close to completion of this project. Only need to install crown moulding and paper the walls and ceiling and we are also rebuilding the firebox in the chiminey, which may be a holdup as bricklayers are a little hard to get for a small job. And you should see the medallion for this light. Christie finished painting it last night and I love it! More later....