Saturday, December 13, 2008

Parlor palor

Sorry about postings being slow, We have been busy with prep work and naturaly only want to post pretty photos! I`m stuck on the front porch which I believe with all my heart will go on for several more years. So many details to tend to. Its cold here now so I moved inside to help Christie with her parlor project. Well , at least I try not to get in her way while she works on it. She has stripped all the old wallpaper filled cracks and sanded the plaster smooth, then applied liner paper to make the walls even smoother, then primed again and painted with colors that will coordinate with the background color of the wallpaper she has selected for this room. All this prep work will make a nice finish and will make it much easier to repaper in future years. She is also cleaning and finishing the oak woodwork and it really looks good. The old finish was dull and had no color, so she used a light stain to make it look alive and the grain stand out like it did when new. The nine panel doors are 8 1/2 ft. tall and take quite a while to get done, plus the old finish had a lot of acumulated grime and coal dust from centuries past that had to be cleaned off. I think the hard part for me is knowing when to stop. You obviusly dont want it to look new but my nature makes me want everything as nice as I can get it. I worked on the pocket doors earlier to get them working. One had lost a roller and was sitting on the floor and the others had dragged on the floors so bad the PO`s didn`t use them. I had a friend in our shop make a set of rollers and I repaired the track and had to cut 1/4" off one door, but the operate smoothly now, and function in opening up the entire front of the house or closing it off. We are`nt decorating for the holidays as we have had to move furniture around until we can`t get to any of the front windows in which to place a tree. Hopefully this won`t happen next year. At least our neighbors have pretty lights we can look at! :)


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