Sunday, September 07, 2008

Flea Market Fun

We had to have a day off, so last weekend we decided it would be good to check out the Nashville flea mkt. This was one of those trips when you see a lot of things you want but my trucks not big enough to haul it all home. Lots of vendors this trip. We found another ( The count is at 15 now) victorian settee, two lovely carpets which will help with those cold floors this winter, a vintage marble top coffee table, and two beautiful stain glass windows which will go in the rear staircase and the bathroom below it. The spiderweb window is for the stairs and is supposed to be from the Chicago area. It`s in very good shape and very tight and very nice colors. The other for the bath is pretty but very loose and little of the grout is left. I will probably have it restored later. Now I just have to make new frames and fit them to the old window casings. I have the bath window hanging now and it looks great and the colors change throught the day as the sun changes.

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