Friday, March 21, 2008

Kitchen Ceiling 2

And a finished shot after being painted the color of the trim. The light fixture is an old one that my brother took out of an old house he renovated, but we will probably put up a fan when warm weather gets here.

Kitchen Ceiling

On a lighter note the new kitchen ceiling turned out nicely. We used paintable embossed paper similat to anglypta. It hides a lot of imperfections in the old drywall and gives a nice finished look. Not an easy job but not as hard as I thought it would be.
The porch floor metal was probably added in the 1980s and was fit around the trim instead of going behind it. I`ll flash it properly and also shim under the tin on the floor to move the water away from this wall, then atrip and reinstall the siding, caulk, and Paint. If you can keep an old house dry it will last a lot longer.

Heres where the problem lies. I have already removed the verticle beadboard siding and am ready to flash this wall, but the leak is in the corner of the porch sticking out there. The flashing was completly rotted and letting the water run down into the foyer below. So now I will pay special attention to how this area gets the flashing installed to hopefully last a long time.

A couple of steps back!

Well we had a large snow with some high winds and when it melted it found its way into the new ceiling in the foyer. Yup the one that Christie painted by hand! Well I found out its my fault because of the roof job that didnt get finished last fall, so now I`m up there again trying to make it right.