Saturday, December 13, 2008

Parlor palor

Sorry about postings being slow, We have been busy with prep work and naturaly only want to post pretty photos! I`m stuck on the front porch which I believe with all my heart will go on for several more years. So many details to tend to. Its cold here now so I moved inside to help Christie with her parlor project. Well , at least I try not to get in her way while she works on it. She has stripped all the old wallpaper filled cracks and sanded the plaster smooth, then applied liner paper to make the walls even smoother, then primed again and painted with colors that will coordinate with the background color of the wallpaper she has selected for this room. All this prep work will make a nice finish and will make it much easier to repaper in future years. She is also cleaning and finishing the oak woodwork and it really looks good. The old finish was dull and had no color, so she used a light stain to make it look alive and the grain stand out like it did when new. The nine panel doors are 8 1/2 ft. tall and take quite a while to get done, plus the old finish had a lot of acumulated grime and coal dust from centuries past that had to be cleaned off. I think the hard part for me is knowing when to stop. You obviusly dont want it to look new but my nature makes me want everything as nice as I can get it. I worked on the pocket doors earlier to get them working. One had lost a roller and was sitting on the floor and the others had dragged on the floors so bad the PO`s didn`t use them. I had a friend in our shop make a set of rollers and I repaired the track and had to cut 1/4" off one door, but the operate smoothly now, and function in opening up the entire front of the house or closing it off. We are`nt decorating for the holidays as we have had to move furniture around until we can`t get to any of the front windows in which to place a tree. Hopefully this won`t happen next year. At least our neighbors have pretty lights we can look at! :)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sometimes you just get lucky!

Our oven quit a couple of months ago and we could have got a new one but I have been wanting a classic range for a long time. So I set out checking local dealers and Ebay and got lucky on Craigslist Nashville. Found this 40" Ge for $75. Everything works except the clock and I will look into that this winter. The original owner must have been clean to a fault as this one is so minty and clean, and the chrome is perfectI replaced a couple of lights and polished it a bit and am very happy with my find. Thanks to Valerie for not sending it to the crusher!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Flea Market Fun

We had to have a day off, so last weekend we decided it would be good to check out the Nashville flea mkt. This was one of those trips when you see a lot of things you want but my trucks not big enough to haul it all home. Lots of vendors this trip. We found another ( The count is at 15 now) victorian settee, two lovely carpets which will help with those cold floors this winter, a vintage marble top coffee table, and two beautiful stain glass windows which will go in the rear staircase and the bathroom below it. The spiderweb window is for the stairs and is supposed to be from the Chicago area. It`s in very good shape and very tight and very nice colors. The other for the bath is pretty but very loose and little of the grout is left. I will probably have it restored later. Now I just have to make new frames and fit them to the old window casings. I have the bath window hanging now and it looks great and the colors change throught the day as the sun changes.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Here it is with the first coat.

Filling in the details.

I didnt really want to start on this, but Was laid off a couple of weeks and had to do something. It had about three layers of old paint and dirt and even clods in it when I stareted scraping. I removed the bargboards and mouldings to make it a little easier and as it turned out it wasn`t the hardest job Ive done. Picking your tools is what takes the longest. Finding ones that work well for a particular job. I used the old 5 in 1, a sharp chisel to get into the square corners and a couple of small files and rasp`s that were cheap but have proved to be most valuable. Only a couple of the little pyramids needed repair. It took about a week to get it scraped and sanded, but I dont fool around, Im working on it when im there just like my real job. Its really getting hot here now and it really saps your energy. I.m using Valspar oil primer and oil base paint. A house sits outside all the time like your car, and they dont use latex on cars! The original paint was oil and everwhere I stripped the original paint the wood was in great condition and all the corners werwe as sharp as the day they were milled. The places where the PO repainted in latex 20yr ago didnt fair so well and the biggest mess of all is where he just slapped paint on the porch posts with out priming. I hope I never have to go thru that again. Im also reframing the remainder of the front porch and rebuilding the front balcony. More on that later.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Kitchen Ceiling 2

And a finished shot after being painted the color of the trim. The light fixture is an old one that my brother took out of an old house he renovated, but we will probably put up a fan when warm weather gets here.

Kitchen Ceiling

On a lighter note the new kitchen ceiling turned out nicely. We used paintable embossed paper similat to anglypta. It hides a lot of imperfections in the old drywall and gives a nice finished look. Not an easy job but not as hard as I thought it would be.
The porch floor metal was probably added in the 1980s and was fit around the trim instead of going behind it. I`ll flash it properly and also shim under the tin on the floor to move the water away from this wall, then atrip and reinstall the siding, caulk, and Paint. If you can keep an old house dry it will last a lot longer.

Heres where the problem lies. I have already removed the verticle beadboard siding and am ready to flash this wall, but the leak is in the corner of the porch sticking out there. The flashing was completly rotted and letting the water run down into the foyer below. So now I will pay special attention to how this area gets the flashing installed to hopefully last a long time.

A couple of steps back!

Well we had a large snow with some high winds and when it melted it found its way into the new ceiling in the foyer. Yup the one that Christie painted by hand! Well I found out its my fault because of the roof job that didnt get finished last fall, so now I`m up there again trying to make it right.