Thursday, September 20, 2007

She is really amazing!

My wife`s work is absolutely gorgeous! Her painting is outstanding. She has lots of paitience with these things. Now shes refinishing and reglazing the attic windows. The outside of them was in really poor shape with very little glazing intact. Part of the styles had rotted away and she made repairs that look great. The frames were treated with varnish to help with the dry wood then stained and finished on the inside and painted gloss black on the outside like the rest of the sashes will be. the windows were cleaned with paint stripper to get all the old paint and glazing off then put back and glazed with regular putty the old fasioned way. I also made screens for these windows while they are out.

More finish work

We have gotten more painted. It takes a long time because you have to let the different colors dry before you can paint the next one. I have been repairing the posts on the north side which had the worst rot. I will be so glad when these are done. North side of foyer has been repaired and I`m replacing the siding on the lower section, the verticle beadboard. It was rotted very badly , and I was lucky to have the old pantry/laundry covered in the same board so I started removing it this morning. Surprizingly it came off very well with very little splitting. Now the wall will look much better and last a lot longer as well. The pantry also has some of the OG lap siding on the outside That I can get for other aeras. The pantry is on the back of the house and I may use the Hardieplank to replace the siding on it. Well, Back to work!