Monday, July 09, 2007


This is where I learn to use my self control! I had to replace part of the front porch floor that was so shakey when we were married on it that I was really worried that the Pastor, Christie and all surrounding would fall thru it! While doing this I had to remove some of the lower sections of vynil siding. When Christie saw what was behind it the decision was made to start the paint job on the porch and move around the house from there. Using a heat gun we started stripping the trim which took off all paint down to a red stain. The wood was in beautiful condition, with very little damage and really crisp edges. The siding is a narrow poplar with an O G milled on the lower edge, really beautiful, with the only damage being from the vynil siding nails driven into it. It had something different under the paint before you get to the red stain (which is on every peice of the house) that might be a paint or a primer. Sort of kacki color and very gummy when you hit it with a heat gun. It was holding on well so we decided to leave it and just prime. We had picked our colors and tried them out on a back wall and were very happy with the look. A golden tan for the body, Burgundy for the trim and a green for the doors and verticle siding. Then we decided on a blue for the porch ceiling, starting with a light blue but ending up with a medium blue with the same value as the other colors. While paint the ceiling we found a bit of rot next to the front door. After a closer look I decided there might be some framing trouble so I started with the roof and found a large section of missing flashing hidden under the vynil siding on the balcony above. I also found rotted wooden shingles , so off with the roof surrounding the balcony and the siding around the balcony itself. Found a rotted joist in the porch roof next to the front door. The porch had droppe about 2" at this point. I ripped off the old roof and wooden shingles which were loaded with termites. added new 1"by 8" decking and new shingles and flashing. Also redoing the crown moulding on the edge of the roof. Part of the soffitt on the porch was rotten too so I also replaced thad and shimmed everything to plumb.

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