Monday, October 02, 2006

The home was bought in 1980 by Dr. A.L. Shrader and restored with original colors and cedar shingles. When we bought it it had an asphalt shingle roof and vynil siding. Were hoping to rermove the siding and repaint closer to the original colors. Right after I moved in and just before my wife moved we had a bad storm and a large willow oak from across the street fell onto our fence taking out a large section, Oh yes, It was kinda spooky in here by yourself in the dark in a storm. They say Mr. Henery has been seen on his porch!

Heres a view of the rear section. It has lovley arched top windows that all work. Kitchen and dining rooms downstairs and bedrooms, one being used as an office upstairs and we also think the rear stairs were original to this part of the house. A closet added in a bedroom has what we believe to be the original front door on it. We will probably move it to the main entrance in the kitchen as that`s where most guest`s come in. this part of the house has really grown on us. It`s very quiet and comftroble sized rooms. It`s told that Henery Elder had watched a civil war battle from an upstairs porch. I wish I had a metal detector! Just think of the souviners buried around here!