Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Hi, This is our victorian home in Trenton, Tennessee. We bought it in April 2006 and were married here on May 6th during the town's annual "Teapot Festival." We feel that this Stick/Eastlake style victorian is a design of George F. Barber. The "Elders" were the original family and owned it over 100 years starting with Henry Lucas Elder, who built the original home in 1846 and later passing it down to Horace McClung Elder who added the front part in 1893. The Elders started the banking buisness in Trenton, and John Wesley Elder was the president, and Horace worked as cashier. The home has a lot ot history about it. It once had over 100 acres of land and pecan orchards around it. The pecan trees, of which a few still remain, came from Texas. It has also seen battles fought nearby and the family reportedly sat on the upstairs porch and watched as Nathan Bedford Forrest and his men stood against the Union armies. Trenton is the county seat of Gibson county in Northwest Tn. It is home to a very nice historic district and an amazing collection of nitelight teapots donated by the Freed family. The late Peter Jennings was married to a decendant of the Freed family and was the Grand Marshall in one of the teapot parades a few years back.

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  1. What an absolutely stunning photo and what amazing history! Very fortunate you are.


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